Our projects

BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. >

Volunteer Opportunities

For those who wish to be more active in their support of BGR, there are many opportunities available. To volunteer your services, please send a message using our Contact Us page.

Below is the list of current openings:

Job Title: Local event coordinators

Job/Task Description: Persons to lead the organization and production of fundraising events such as Walks to Feed the Hungry and Concerts to Feed the Hungry. Responsible for creating and managing a team of volunteers, interface with BGR Staff, securing venue and selecting date for event, publicizing event, and managing the donations process under the guidance of BGR Staff.

• Attention to detail, highly organized
• Skill at managing teams of disparate individuals
• Willingness to delegate responsibility and supervise teams
• Ability to communicate consistently via email, text, and telephone
• Experience with fundraising is beneficial, but not required

Time Needed: Varies over time and with size of event

Availability: Need to be able to devote more time in the period leading up to the event (Walks are held in the fall). Up to 15-20 hours per week in busiest time.

Tools Needed: Computer and internet access

Primary contact: Executive Director

Job Title: Writer

Job/Task Description: Writing content for Helping Hands newsletter, Annual Report, website, appeals and other items as needed.

Traits: Experience writing and editing for newspapers, scholarly journals, magazines, or newsletters.

Skills/Requirements: Ability to use MS Word or Open Office to produce high quality, grammatically correct and readable content.

Location: Live anywhere

Time Needed: Variable.

Availability: Since the deadlines for publications recur regularly, it is possible to forecast periods of intense activity when the volunteer needs to be available for quick turnaround of materials.

Tools Needed: Computer, email.

Primary contact(s): Executive Director

Job Title: Facebook Page Administrator

Job/Task Description:
Responsible for all apsects of administration of BGR’s Facebook page.

Traits: Organized; detail-oriented; possessing a genuine interest in using social media as a platform for social change and engagement; a flexible team-player.


  • Familiarity with and enthusiasm for BGR and its mission, and awareness of current events regarding poverty, hunger, climate change and other issues relevant to BGR’s mission.
  • Experience as a Facebook Page Administrator for business or non-profit organizations; ability to routinely post items of interest relating to BGR activities and its mission, with strong writing and editing skills.
  • The candidate will also be able to research and identify engaging current news items and emerging themes relevant to BGR’s work; possess basic HTML coding skills to customize BGR Facebook Page posts, notes, and tabs; identify and post visually compelling photos and video.

Time Needed: Approximately 3-5 hours a week.

Availability: Postings on Facebook should be daily to the extent possible.

Tools Needed: Internet access, computer, e-mail, basic image editing software

Primary contact(s): Communications Chair, Executive Director

Job Title: Web Developer

Job/Task Description:Programmer for web site maintenance and database management; assist with maintenance of the BGR web site and of the contact and donation database

Traits: Willingness to collaborate with others and meet commitments reached by mutual agreement


  • Writing HTML and CSS code using Adobe Creative Suite tools, e.g., Dreamweaver
  • Editing images
  • Familir with MySql databases and SQL queries

Location: Live anywhere

Time Needed: Varies but usually no more than 4 hours per week

Availability: Dependent on projects

Tools Needed: Computer, Internet access, Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver and Photoshop), and a MySQL management system

Primary contact(s): IT Committee

Job Title: Graphic Artist for Web Content and Print Production

Job/Task Description: Graphic Artist for web content and print production to assist designers and IT in preparing files to be web-ready and/or print-ready. Should be especially good at preparing photos and optimizing them for both the web and print. Will need to review, troubleshoot, and clean up photos and html files. Create charts and graphics in Illustrator.

Traits: Attention to detail

Skills/Requirements: Expert at Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Basic Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver (for web content)

Location: Live anywhere

Time Needed: Varies

Availability: Dependent on projects; usually after work hours

Tools Needed: Computer, internet, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word; For web content also need: HTML, Dreamweaver,

Primary contact(s): Communications Chair, IT Chair, graphic designers


Job Title: Bookkeeper

Job/Task Description:

Responsible for

  • recording cash receipt and disbursement transactions into Quickbooks
  • monthly bank reconciliations
  • maintain general ledger accounts

Traits: Organized; detail-oriented; confidentiality


  • Previous bookkeeping experience with a non-profit organization
  • Intermediate level Excel skills
  • Practicing Buddhist
  • Previous Quickbooks experience

Time Needed: Approximately 2 hours per week

Availability: Schedule should be fairly regular. Requires someone who does not travel a great deal.

Tools Needed: Internet access, computer, email, Excel, scanner.

Primary contact(s): Executive Director